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      Coaching with theTree of Life

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Let’s be blunt!
There are actually thousands of coaches working with greater or lesser success so… which would be the difference of training in a particular way with me?

Actually, I apply a method based on the dynamic balance of the Tree of Life (from the Hebrew Kabbalah) in which all the parts of the system feed off and transform each other, in such a way that when an area (or sefirah) is modified, inexorably, all the others are too.

So when you outgrow or solve one aspect another appears to be transformed or optimized in a continuous balance that improves or corrects (Tikkun) the pieces all together.

Along the coaching process with Kabbalah tools, you learn from Hebrew sources.

You’ll train your mind and emotions to discover your personal mission, be successful in your business, interpret dreams, learn to read between the lines, contact the divinity, distinguish the messages, improve or establish links, realize material ambitions, discover hidden talents, work through traumatic situations, balance excesses and  defects, discern and make the best decisions, among other things.

🟡 Personal Tree of Life Coaching: 10 one-hour sessions of personalized online work, analyzing where  you stand and  where you want to go.
The meetings are intensive and focused on results; enhancing practical and daily application.

🟡 Personalized online individual consultation sessions: Specific topics that do not require continuity and that can be of a material, emotional, mental, or spiritual nature. Dream analysis, pastoral counseling and Jungian consultancy.


Coaching with me using Kabbalah tools means to go through a learning process with the aim of applying this new way of reading reality at all times without generating any dependency; in such a way that once finished it can be used as many times as you consider it convenient.

Obstacles are experienced as part of the integrating experience of life and the possibility of using what has been experienced to transcend and as a new skill for personal development.

If you want more information and details about your process of transformation and growth through Kabbalah, click here.

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