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Kabbalah Mentoring

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What does "mentoring" mean?

Mentoring is a long term relationship focused at sustaining the growth and development of the apprentice, in this case the teacher or madrich, guide, or Kabbalah coach.

The mentor serves as a consultant or advisor, teaching or pointing out issues at the programmatic level.

Unlike the coach, the mentor does not observe or guide on specific issues, attitudes or personal behaviors of the daily life of his mentoree.

A mentor can share information about the professional career, his experience as a teacher, provide guidance, motivation, emotional support regarding the students, intellectual foundation for the structure of the classes and a role model.

A mentor can help explore lines of work, develop contacts, and identify sources.

The mentor


  • Has a long-term vision of your professional and professional growth and development.

  • Helps to distinguish your objective but does not give you a detailed map to get there (that was previously worked in coaching training)

  • Collaborates in the organization of your long-range work program (complementary studies, thesis, careers, specific areas, ideological and religious orientations, etc.)

  • Assists you in the deepening, correction and adaptation of content, distinguishing the sources for your professional improvement and public, virtual and face-to-face exposure.

  • Points out and helps in spaces that may need strengthening: Hebrew language, study of TaNaJ, Halachah, calendar, rituals, pedagogical, complementary tools, etc.

  • Expands your fields of proficiency.

  • Encourages you to discern and make the best decisions for your growth and expertise.

  • Develops strategies for optimal progress. 

  • Suggests supplemental reading.

This work is informal and mutually beneficial, since being “chaverim” students of Kabbalah we share the same values.

My job is to keep your best interests in mind and tailor my mentoring to meet your needs as a learner. Giving you a new perspective of  your future,  organized and structured around what you like to do the most.

The frequency and duration of each meeting is set according to the intensity of the topic and the work proposal comes entirely from the apprentice.

My mentoree should have:


  • Obvious Kabbalah knowledge as madrich/madricháh.

  • Adequate inclination for the pedagogical or coaching task.

  • Studied from recognized living teachers through oral tradition.

  • Studied in a recognized institution linked to the teaching of Kabbalah.

  • A student of higher levels of Kabbalah.

  • 40 years old.

The 90-minute session has a cost of €150

Contact me to get more information about your spiritual growth process.

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