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Guided Meditations

(Only in Spanish - NO Subtitles)


Meditation is part of the vast body of study and practice of Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah in general. It explains that we all have a personal obligation to connect with God directly and individually, which requires the development of psychic and spiritual skills and practices that enable us to have that intimate encounter with divinity or the Higher Self.

The methods for these spiritual abilities have long been an integral part of traditional Torah learning, but the development of these telepathic skills has been forgotten and, in many cases, suppressed and underestimated by the intellectual elite.

From classical Kabbalah and throughout the centuries, prophecy and channeling of the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) were daily spiritual events. Even today, there are special souls who are continually inspired by the Divine.

However, there is a subtle concept that is later expanded upon in subsequent literature, which explains that one is not born as a spiritual individual capable of direct contact with the Divine, but rather needs to learn how to return to their original and Unitary spiritual state.

To begin delving into this important topic, I suggest you first watch the following free videos available on my channel 





Join the monthly membership of guided meditations with theoretical explanations and graphical support that I specially prepare with different levels of complexity to make them accessible according to your readiness. The goal is to enhance your psychic powers, elevate consciousness, access your Tikun, and enjoy the process.

In this way, you will have access to one (1) meditation per month in the predetermined order of the list (unless you request specific ones), and you can learn them at your own pace and repeat them as many times as you want. If you unsubscribe from the subscription, you will no longer have access to them.

🔸List of Guided Meditations🔸

🔶 (1) THE 231 GATES (א Alef)
🔶 (2) NACHAL - Heritage
🔶 (4) TREE OF LIFE (Colors: White)
🔶 (5) THE SHEMÁ - Hear, O Israel
🔶 (9) SULAM HA ALIAH - The Ascension Ladder

🔶 (10) EMESH - The Three Mother Letters

🔶 (11) TZAYACH - Association of Names of God

🔶 (12) YHVH - Active Principle of Havaiah

🔶 (13) ICHUD (Unification) / Ani-Havaiah

🔶 (14) LECH LECHA - Tipheret

🔶 (15) NESHAMOT - Integration of the 5 Levels of the Soul

🔶 (16) NER ELOHIM - Awareness of Light

🔶 (17) INFINITE ROTATION OF ALEF א - Awareness of the All/Nothing

🔶 (18) MAASEH BERESHIT + MAASEH MERKAVAH - Theory and Practice in Meditation



🔶 (21) HAVAIAH - Archetypal Visualization

🔶 (22) K´RA SATAN - Breaking Evil

Promotional price: €14.99 each.

Remember, I personally answer all your questions via email, as well as comments on social media.
The meditations can be further explored through personalized interviews, as we respect subjectivity, delve into individual experiences, and provide specific messages or analysis for each person.

If you have general questions they may be also answered in a YouTube Live session.




(The classes are hosted on YouTube with a private access code. Please provide a Gmail address to send the corresponding links).

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