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Guided Meditations Details

All meditations have the ultimate goal of Unification with the Creator. If halfway through we have overcome obstacles, achieved balance, and polished enough the "Kli" or vessel, it could happen that what we passionately desire is granted to us.
Constant practice, allowing oneself to flow, and observation will be fundamental for the elevation and encounter with the Self.

🔶 (1) THE 231 GATES (א Alef)
Intermediate Level - Introductory practice to meditation with the Wheel of 231 Gates, rotating forward and backward, mobilizing the archetypal energies of the letters of the Aleph-Bet, following the meditative proposal of the Sefer Yetzirah. To mobilize the subtle energies within us.

🔶 (2) NACHAL
Advanced Level - Yichud or Unification derived from a Rashei Tevot or acronym to succeed in times of adversity. Union of Higher and Lower aspects, masculine and feminine. Heritage of Unity and Wisdom.

Beginner Level - Psychic engraving and carving of the letter Bet, related to Genesis and Binah. Practice of Hitbonenut or concentration. Exercise to generate new mental grooves and expand psychic powers through Hebrew archetypes.

🔶 (4) TREE OF LIFE (Colors: White)
Beginner Level - Meditation that associates qualities of the sefirah Chesed with the color white and water (according to the RaMaK). Recognition and perception of the Sefirot in the human body. To distinguish obstacles and "klipot" on the paths.

Intermediate Level - Daat of the Shema prayer. Mantralization and correct pronunciation of the words. Combination of the prayer with breathing. Verbal manifestation of the Unification and infinite space-time.

Intermediate Level - Daat of meditation. Mental repetition of a formula of a holy Name extracted from Deuteronomy 1:21. Guided meditation intertwining breaths that allow the deepening of the Yichud.

Beginner Level - Becoming aware of the Sefirah and necessary starting point for Aliyah (ascent) through the Tree of Life. Guided meditation of mental or verbal repetition of the name Malkhut in ascending direction.

Intermediate Level - Contemplative guided meditation of elevation, engraving, and becoming aware. Unification of Mochin deGadlut with Mochin deKatnut. Formation of letters and permutation.

🔶 (9) SULAM HaALIAH - The Ladder of Ascent
Intermediate Level - Daat of the journey through the Tree of Life. Unlocking and accessing the Sefirot from below upwards to Tiferet. Journey through paths and triads. Foundations and recognition. Contemplative guided meditation.

🔶 (10) EMESH - The Three Mother Letters
Advanced Level - Daat of the Mother Letters. Demonstration of the introductory exercise to more advanced practices. Includes breathing, head movements, contemplation of letters. Regression to the origin. Restoration of dynamic balance.

🔶 (11) TZAIACH - Association of the Names of God
Intermediate Level - Daat of the association of Names of God with Sefirot of the Tree of Life (according to Rabbi Yosef Tzaiach and Rabbi Abraham Abulafia). Ascending and descending journey. Practice of prayer performed in a prophetic posture. Mental repetition and contemplative guided meditation.

🔶 (12) YHVH - Active Principle of Havaiah
Beginner Level - Working with the impulse of the absolute energy of the Tetragrammaton, Chochmah, the third eye, and the reunion with intuition.

🔶 (13) YICHUD (Unification) / Ani-Havaiah
Advanced Level - Realignment of the vortex of internal energies with macrocosmic Sefirot. Unify the exterior with the interior. Practice of great psychic mobilization.

🔶 (14) LECH LEJCHA - Tipheret
Beginner Level - Locating Tipheret within and connecting with the Higher Self. Reaching maximum potential and set goals. Breathing exercises for energy mobilization and dynamization of all the Sefirot.

🔶 (15) NESHAMOT - Integration of the 5 Levels of the Soul
Intermediate Level - Perceiving each level of the soul and unifying it with the body. Ascending journey through Olamot and recognition of the macrocosmos within the microcosmos.

🔶 (16) NER ELOHIM - Consciousness of Light
Beginner Level - Becoming aware of the levels of the soul present in the embodied body; integration into wholeness. Recognition of areas and fusion of body-mind-spirit.

🔶 (17) INFINITE ROTATION OF ALEF א - Consciousness of the All/Nothing
Advanced Level - All senses (Nefesh) focused on Unity (Neshamah). Liberation of unconscious forces to flow in the direction of the Tikkun of each meditator. Powerful return to the Source with results that extend over time.

🔶 (18) MAASEH BERESHIT + MAASEH MERKAVAH - Theory and Practice in Meditation
Intermediate Level - The study of Genesis 1 and Ezekiel 1 put into action to unify the personal Tree of Life oriented towards TikKun Olam. Becoming aware of the enormous and sacred process of divine Creation and our role in it. Ascending and descending through the Sefirot in accordance with the 10 utterances of the Creation in Genesis 1.

Intermediate Level - This meditation not only fills us with the Presence of God through Havaiáh (IHVH), but also creates balance and Devekut with the flow of divine energy that runs through the Sefirot and colors. Synchronization.

Advanced Level - Deep exploration, Daat and exegesis of Num. 12:13 with Gematria and Rashei Tevot. Intertwining of the Name of God with Adam, in order to restore soul and physical imbalances. Use of the Name of God in Sefirot to become self-aware of the
source of the illness.

🔶 (21) HAVAIAH - Archetypal Visualization

Initial Level - Record and carve the Name of God, Havayah or Tetragram as the main meditative tool that serves for all the others.

Recognition and associations of each letter at the macro and microcosmic level.

Perceive and let the mind flow with the images of IHVH.

🔶 (22) K´RA SATAN - Breaking Evil

Advanced Level - A technique in which Evil is dissolved. It's subjective, personal, and macrocosmic in nature. Manipulation of Havaiáh energies through one of the 42 Names of God.
Theory of guided meditation with educational resources.

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