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Online Courses

7 intensive online classes learning about the Creation of the world and humanity.
“The" Manual of Kabbalah Meditation and the first study text for every serious aspirant seeking to reveal the mysteries of spiritual elevation.

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10 intensive master classes on systematic and methodical study of Kabbalah from Hebrew sources. Open to the general public. Simultaneous theoretical and practical work on inner exploration and personal growth.

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A 4-class intensive course taking a Kabbalistic and historical journey, both literal and secret, to discover the power and elevation of women in Jewish spirituality.
Female Kabbalists and prophets from all times.


15 online classes exploring the mysteries of the energies of Creation  from Hebrew sources.
Archetypal theoretical-practical approach. Introduction to Guematria.


A 4-class intensive online course combining theory and practice to analyze and learn in detail Maaseh Merkavah, or the meditative aspect of Hebrew Kabbalah.
Angelology.  Hekhalotic literature. Meditative practice.

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Hundreds of monographic classes about Kabbalah, mysticism, meditation, rituals, and prayers with phonetics explained in detail.

Secrets revealed from Hebrew sources in a didactic and simple manner for your better learning.



All courses are taught by Ruth Percowicz (The Kabbalah teacher)

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