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About me

“Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." C.G. Jung

My methods developed in courses, classes and private sessions come out of the conventional formality and superficiality.
Throughout decades I have gained knowledge and experience in teaching to groups and people of the most varied backgrounds, ages, religions, intellectual level, expectations ...
I have generated concerns and questions. I have created and adapted specific methods based in Hebrew Kabbalah with practical application for each student. I have seized my training in Junguian Psychology and dream analysis techniques and helped hundreds of people discover their way.

To the theoretical precision and experiential breadth, I added my own synthesis that has opened up enormous opportunities and paths for personal fulfillment. The study of the Kabbalah never ends and that is one of the secrets of my happiness.

Researcher and Journalist. I have a Diploma from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem  (Bechinah Yerushalmit/Jerusalem Examination) and  I´ve been credited as a Baal Koréh (ascribed to read the  Torah along a religious service). I´m also a Madrichah (guide and educator).
I have an Associate´s Degree in Jungian Analytical Psychology with specific mention to dream analysis.

I´m a Bach Flower Practitioner©  and Yoga Meditation Teacher.

When I started to study and teach, and even though there were not enough texts translated into Spanish, I passionately took the initiative to translate them for my students.
Besides, I produced the first global Kabbalah magazine in Spanish "El Huerto del Nogal" (Ginat Egoz).

I was also a columnist on Kabbalah issues for the Uno Mismo Magazine and La Luz Magazine both from Buenos Aires.

My growth in this area was driven by learning different academic and mystical lines of thought; but above all, by the tireless search for experience through the practice of meditation and rituals.

I´ve been trained in several spiritual disciplines with such teachers as Swami Atmabhakta, Swami Kayvalyananda, Mauryananda, Sri Arounath Giri, Dharmavadini Alina Fernández Gallego, Matilde Manuel Diksha, Kosen Thibaut.
I´ve studied Kabbalah from Hebrew sources with fine professors such as Carlos Lerner (Z"L), Lic. Mario Satz, Rab. Abraham Platkin, Rab. Zejaria Shamaím Va´Aretz (USA), Rab. Ariel Bar Tzadok (USA), Jana Gilinsky, Moráh Jana Jeifetz, Moráh Esther Jarmatz (Z"L)
, Dr. David Elencavé (Z"L), Rami Kot (Israel); y Psicología Analítica con el Dr. Ariel Baldrich (Z"L) y el Dr. Horacio Ejilevich Grimaldi (Z"L)

These are some of the institutions where I have taught regular classes, seminars and conferences for decades in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Asunción (Paraguay) and Malaga (Spain):

Centro de Estudios Bíblicos Avanzados El Huerto del Nogal - Transformar Psicología Transpersonal - Fundación C. G. Jung de Psicología Analítica - Fundación Hastinapura - Club Náutico Hacoaj - Club Sirio Libanés - A.P.A. Sociedad Psicoanalítica Argentina - U.S.A.L. Amigos de la Universidad del Salvador - A.M.I.A. Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina - Sinagoga Leo Baeck (Templo Benei Tikváh) - Buscando la Vida (Asunción/Paraguay) - C.A.M.I. Consejo Argentino de Mujeres Israelitas - Biblioteca Teosófica Argentina - Vanguardia Teosófica Argentina - Centro C.I.T.T.A. - AION Centro de Estudios Junguianos - Grupo Nilda - Escuela de Psicoterapia Gestalt Lamar - Escuela Andalusí - Escuela de Psicología y Cábala Dr. Mario Sabán - Grupo Anajnu