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About me

Ruth Percowicz
Kabbalah researcher, analyst and teacher

Would you like to live a Spiritual life?
To think with refinement and sensibility?
To make the best decisions for your life?
Understand the messages of your dreams?

Discover your potential through my courses and reveal  the divinity that resides within you.
Learn how to do it with me, Ruth Percowicz "the teacher".

My mission is to guide you on your path of personal growth, teaching you methods for self-analysis within Jewish spirituality.

My own questions about existence, belonging and the meaning of life did not meet an answer in the traditional, philosophical or religious spheres.

So, I began to study Kabbalah motivated by the need to delve inside myself and a perfect Universe was revealed  to me, so immense, so impressive and awesome that it precipitated an urgent impulse to disseminate, teach, and help others, while broaden my own consciousness.

Professional Biography
I was born in Buenos Aires, into a conservative Ashkenazi family, descendant of Jews who fled from interwar Europe.

My first job as an investigative journalist in a Jewish media magazine in Buenos Aires revealed an early vocation that shaped my career and prompted me from a very early age to historical, psychological, religious, and mystical exploration.
Throughout my 25-year career, I have expanded my knowledge and specialized in the practical application of Kabbalah, psychology and meditation.

I have a degree in Literary and Judaic Studies (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), in Jungian Analytical Psychology with a specialization in Dream Analysis (AION Center for Jungian Psychology - Buenos Aires); I am also an Investigative Journalist (National Network of Communication Researchers - Buenos Aires) and a Yoga and Meditation teacher (Yogakai - Buenos Aires). I am also trained as Baal Tefiláh (liturgical reading of the Torah).

My professional career was striked by several exoduses and enriching experiences that add to my knowledge, creativity, intuition and ability to help concretely.

I worked as an investigative Journalist and communicator, producer of the first Hispanic Magazine of Hebrew Kabbalah, more than 10 blogs with Jewish spirituality topics, producer and curator of the exhibition "Jewish Temples of Buenos Aires".
Lead writer of La Luz Jewish Magazine, Uno Mismo Magazine, Tablet Magazine (in English).

I have lived in Malaga since 2018, from where I teach online courses and personalized consulting.
I am the creator of "Kabbalah Influencer", a YouTube channel dedicated to spread free Jewish spirituality classes with graphic support, translations, subtitles, editing, pedagogical synthesis and joy.

As an opinion maker, advisor or "Influencer" I focus on inspiring genuine behaviors of freedom of action, speech and thought, trying to raise awareness and integrate sensitive values in all the people who approach.

Today, I encourage you to deepen your consciousness, studying through my courses and videos or personalized sessions, carrying out a process of inner growth starting from wherever you are.

I taught  in numerous institutions in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Asunción (Paraguay) and Málaga (Spain):
Centro de Estudios Bíblicos Avanzados El Huerto del Nogal - Transformar Psicología Transpersonal - Fundación C. G. Jung de Psicología Analítica - Fundación Hastinapura - Club Náutico Hacoaj - Club Sirio Libanés - A.P.A. Sociedad Psicoanalítica Argentina - U.S.A.L. Amigos de la Universidad del Salvador - A.M.I.A. Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina - Sinagoga Leo Baeck (Templo Benei Tikváh) - Buscando la Vida - C.A.M.I. Consejo Argentino de Mujeres Israelitas - Biblioteca Teosófica Argentina - Vanguardia Teosófica Argentina - Centro C.I.T.T.A. - AION Centro de Estudios Junguianos - Escuela de Psicología y Cábala Dr. Mario Saban - Escuela de Psicoterapia Gestalt Lamar - Escuela Andalusí.

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