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La Rosa del Sharon
Meditaciones y Secretos de la Cábala

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In this one, my first book, you will find both theory and practice of specific Kabbalah meditations from genuine Hebrew sources, as well as revelations and unknown details that contribute to your knowledge and contemplation.

Writing it was a deep transformative experience that helped me become aware of the work and effort I had put in over decades.


It allowed me to remember each of my teachers, their dedication and patience, but also my own, transcribing their classes for hours, asking questions, studying, analyzing, and presenting my own conclusions.

Studying Kabbalah, complemented by Jungian analysis, has awakened both fascination and humility in me. Immersing myself in the secrets and symbols of these wisdom traditions has allowed me to connect with the Cosmos and all of humanity, generating a sense of wonder at the complexity and, at the same time, simplicity of every detail of Creation. Writing this book became a new spiritual journey on familiar paths.

I could say that writing, for me, became a kind of spiritual retreat where revisiting and formulating readable words for meditations and personal conclusions, reinforced the enthusiasm and thrill from when I first met these these disciplines.

As the words flowed onto the paper, the sensation of revelation and epiphany repeated itself, as if I were uncovering hidden truths from centuries ago.
But I also felt the responsibility of teaching the world this sacred knowledge through the privilege of words.

I invite you to sit beside me, next to “The Rose of Sharon” (La Rosa del Sharon) to share secrets and meditations.


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See you on the road!

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